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I’m happy to open our doors again, because tonight we have one hell of a show for you. Team Ass & Titties stopped by to discuss gettin’ booty, ghosting, and being terrible at hookups, and Morgan stops by with the entire Bridgetown Sexy team to talk about finding nonmonogamy, discovering new partners, and swinging.



Gettin’ Booty, Gettin’ Feelings

The Ass & Titties crew, aka: Dirty Lola, Mr. Pent, and the Frisky Fairy decide to get together and talk about gettin’ some booty, and getting a little extra feelings along the way. They find you don’t have to shy away from feelings, you need to occasionally be exceptional at communicating expectations, or you get to make some uncomfortable choices.



Finding Non-Monogamy, New Partners, Swinging, Clubs, with the Bridgetown Sexy crew!

Morgan and Cole invite themselves over to Liz and Jack‘s place to listen to them tell their origin story. Jack introduces Morgan and Cole to naked story telling as he and Liz talk about discovering swinging, discovering new partners, and discovering kick-ass swinger clubs.



Ghosting: It Sucks, It’s Useful

Dirty Lola, Mr. Pent, and the Frisky Fairy chat ghosting and find that sometimes… ghosting’s the safest way to let someone down. Safety concerns, unpleasant interactions, and current societal expectations go into the math on deciding whether to let someone down, or to quietly let someone go.


We’re Bad at Hookups
Dirty Lola, Mr. Pent, and the Frisky Fairy admit that sometimes they’re bad at hookups, and that presents problems if you’re just trying to get laid.


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Tonight’s episode featured music by Soupandreas titled: Over You.


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