DP 012: Grinder Dates, Cosplay Drag, and Willa Vawisp with Tony – Don’t Panic Podcast!


There are so many ways to relate, don’t panic about it! Join adventurous Magenta and inquisitive Shaina podcasting from bed on sex, love, and geekery.

This week we interview Tony. He tells us what it was like learning about his sexuality while growing up in Mexico City. We also discuss identity as a concept when it comes to drag; can we make fun of what it is to be a woman without making fun of women? And, Tony introduces us to the fabulous Willa Vawisp on our latest episode. Follow Tony at @tonygs14 on Twitter & @ohtonyg on Instagram. Follow Willa Vawisp at @willavawisp on Twitter and @willavawisp on Instagram.

Bring your towel!



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There are so many ways to relate, don’t panic about it! Tune in each week to hear stories about love and sex from guests living their dreams in a diverse sampling of all the possibilities for consensual adult relationships. Join us in geeking out about displays of relationships in different media, including shows from diverse fandoms, board games, and video games. Your guides are Magenta, the kinky, poly, sex educator and sex positive advocate, and Shaina, the monogamous, happily vanilla, sex positive explorer! Follow @DontPanicCast on twitter, @geekymagenta for Magenta, and @lovensausages for Shaina!

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