SEAGG 018: The Pornotopia Episode!!! – Sex Ed A Go Go


The owner of Self Serve Toys, Matie Fricker, and not one but TWO awe inspiring dancers, Honey Grinder and Eve, joined Lola on stage at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Pornotopia’s opening night event on November 12, 2015. Sex Ed A Go-Go journeyed to the Land of Enchantment to kick off the Pornotopia Film Festival in Albuquerque; New Mexico. It was a night none of us would forget!

Lola and her enchanted crew chat about what they’d like to see more of in porn (like you do at a porn festival), giant dildos, a long tangent about sex cats, fisting, so much fisting, getting your mojo back, coming out kinky and being kind to yourself. We also watched Honey Grinder and Eve own the stage, but sadly you don’t get to see that bit. We just like to tease ya’ll.

If you would like to learn more about the awesomeness that is the Pornotopia Film Festival check out the blog! :

While you’re at it check out Self Serve too! :



Sex Ed A Go-Go is one part sex Q&A, one part comedy show and a whole lot of fun. Get the ins and outs of in between the sheets naughtiness from Lola and the Pussy Posse!

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