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Perverts! Stand at attention and lend me your ears, for tonight… we once again dive into language, we dive into our common vocabulary because sometimes we throw words around without regard to their roots and their original meaning. Words are understood and misunderstood, used and misused, and in the process words lose meaning. Words that lose their meaning can still useful. We can discuss, reexamine, and reclaim the words we’ve lost and in this spirit today, with Crista Anne and with Erin Kennedy, we spend our time discussing…

Trigger warnings.

We also touch on helicopter parenting generating “adults” who expect the world to adjust to them, and how shielding children from the reality that trauma exists in the world renders them unprepared to deal with the real world and we talk about storytelling and touch on Orange is the new Black and Jessica Jones

Choice Quotes:

Crista Anne:

For people who are thrown into flashbacks or full blown panic attacks (don’t know who you are, lose touch with reality, lose touch with time), they are just absolutely invaluable, to me, and as they have become more popular over time I have found navigating the internet to be so much easier.

Erin Kennedy:

There’s an inherent privilege as to what gets trigger warnings.

…I think it’s a balance between protecting people and protecting ourselves and making sure that we have the stuff that empathy is created out of…. Balancing between keeping yourself safe emotionally and also doing the work of empathy, however painful that is, is a tough balance to create.

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