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Hi all, Dylan here, It’s been a while since I convened the club, and on the eve of my trip to Mexico after a long… long time without a break, I decided to put out a half-length show to whet your whistle and get you ready for the -seriously- biting episode we have in the pressure cooker. For now, enjoy some music, enjoy a story, and enjoy my wife and I having a bit of a chat.


Segment 1, Dylan’s Feels

I’ve had an exceptionally rough year and I’m getting past it but for some reason a particular song made me sit and feel everything all at once because, disregarding lyrics (words? who listens to music for words?!), this song felt like my life. Enjoy Varien – Valkyrie III: Atonement (feat. Laura Brehm) and thanks for sticking with me during the rough times.


Segment 2, Storytime With Kat

Wetcoast Kat is back with a story of a date and a little… under the table action. You can find her on twitter and on her own blog at!


Segment 3, Dylan’s Feels ….. again?

A chance encounter at the store on the way to a party sparks a conversation between Dylan and Tonia. It touches on a little paternalism, a little ownership, a little creepy dude … and maybe a little oversensitive Dylan.


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Thanks, and I’ll pour an alcoholic smoothie down my wife’s throat in all your honors.


This episode featured music from:

Varien – Valkyrie III: Atonement (feat. Laura Brehm)
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Deon Custom – Aloha
Video Link:
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Televisor – Break Loose (feat. Splitbreed) (Volant Remix)
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Pegboard Nerds – Emoji
Video Link:
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