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Welcome Back Perverts! There’s been a whirlwind of activity around here and personally I’m damn excited about what we’ve got for you. Today’s show is in five parts; Ginger and the Professor visit a bar with an on-location Intellectual Foreplay to discuss ways of addressing labels and norms within groups, Michelle Renee arranges an Independence Day Orgy, we feature a clip from This Week in Blackness Prime episode 681 addressing feminism…with a sprinkle of anti, a dash of transexclusionary, a smidge of white women, and a heaping fucking bowl of black erasure, Lisa Laureta stops by and gathers the club around for a reading of her book, “But You’re Just A Hole!”, …and I relay my thoughts on why I keep writing checks I can’t cash.


Segment 1: Intellectual Foreplay: On Labels…

Ginger and the Professor head out to a bar with a couple friends… no there’s no joke here. They head out to a bar, and over the dizzying amount of background music they somehow manage to discuss how labels are important, how people don’t necessarily match their labels, and how looking at labels inductively and deductively can help with a little insight on how to understand people using those labels better.

Ginger Bentham is August 2015’s spirit animal of the month. You can find her writing at and at She’s a co-host of Life on the Swingset, and along with The Professor, is building Intellectual Foreplay to a crescendo, an explosive September 2nd release of sapiosexual energy we’ve clearly been thirsty for for years. Make sure to visit on September 2nd for the Intellectual Foreplay inaugural release!


Segment 2: The Independence Day Orgy

Michelle Renee does good things. That’s what I’m learning here. She also apparently knows how to throw one hell of a fourth of july celebration so… I’m going to let her tell the story of how she arranged, “The Independence Day Orgy”.

You can find Michelle Renee’s writing at and on twitter @TheTrojanKitten.


Segment 3: This Week in Blackness: Feminism… plus some pronouns.

We often begin addressing problems by forcing people to stop ignoring those problems. We get loud, we get annoying, we protest, we break stuff, and eventually that problem is acknowledged, accepted as fact, and with effort, time, and persistence… it’s addressed.

When the root of the problem goes beyond ignoring the problem, when it involves not even accepting that someone exists and that their existence is valid and worthy of respect it’s an even longer road. “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used To It” wasn’t just a catchy chant, it was a real attempt to say, “we exist”.

Women, people of color, and transpersons are often dismissed as being unequal participants in the human race, and a byproduct of that is that even within what we think of as an open and accepting space, community and movement… we find pockets of activists stuck denying people the right to exist as they see fit.

This Week in Blackness episode 681 titled “White Lies, Black Truth” addressed feminism, anti-feminism, trans-exclusionary feminism (otherwise known as TERFs), white women feminism, and black erasure… hard in a response to a reaction to an Allure cover featuring Laverne Cox. It hit hard and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Thank you to This Week in Blackness media for allowing me to play this segment for our little club.

You can find episodes of This Week in Blackness Prime, and the rest of the TWiB network’s shows at TWiB.ME. You can also listen live, as they  air, at You can find Elon James White @elonjames, can find Imani Gandi at @angryblacklady, and find Aaron Rand Freeman at @ansfreeman. A Special thanks from me to Robyn Jordan who you can find at @robyn_ravenclaw.


Segment 4: But You’re Just A Hole!

Hey Everyone! Gather ‘round and get comfortable because Lisa Laureta’s here to read us her story, “But You’re Just a Hole!”

Lisa Laureta is a comedian who performs stand-up, storytelling, improve, and group and solo sketch comedy that’s been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, VH1, and on FunnyOrDie. You can find her, AND HER BOOK, at You can find her on twitter @LisaLaureta.


Segment 5: Dylan Writes Checks he Can’t Cash.

I’ve gone on before about my seemingly poor track record of time and desire management when it comes to women. I do a lot of good work, but I keep making the same mistakes. I did, apparently, have an epiphany while I was driving a week ago and … well I’d like to share it with you because. It sucks to write checks we can’t cash.


So Perverts, you’ve all spoken and I’ve listened. A Two Hour podcast, while … lets be generous, is ambitious… it’s just too hard to digest. I chose a monthly release schedule because I didn’t think I had it in me to do the nitty gritty of putting this all together more often but it’s clear… there’s a lot to talk about, there’s a lot to feature… and it should get put out there more often and in smaller chunks. So lets see how a bi-weekly release of about an hour long show goes and we’ll go from there, ok?

Until next time, This was a recording taken from The Gentleperverts’ Social Club’s membership, all of us. You can find more Gentleperverts podcasts every month at and discuss our latest episodes and topics at or on twitter at #GPSC and @GentlePerverts. You can find me, Dylan Thomas, on twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Fetlife at DylanTheThomas. If you have a submission, a story, a signal boost request, or an idea for a topic send that to because really… it’s been wonderful to feature stories and chats here so if you have any of that… send it on over.

Thanks for stopping in, come back soon.



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