Hannibal S03E08 – The Great Red Dragon – Eat The Rudecast


We’re joined by Kate Kulzick from Sound on Sight‘s Hannibal podcast This is Our Design joins us to discuss the rise of The Great Red Dragon, as Miko completes her summer walkabout in a vacation home with poor wifi. Cooper is a bit jarred by the transition from pretentious seventies foreign film first half of the season to (relatively) straight forward procedural adaptation of the first book of the Hannibal Lecter series Red Dragon. We marvel at an almost silent introduction of our new character Francis Dolarhyde played by Richard Armitage.

All on this episode of Eat The Rudecast, a podcast about NBC’s Hannibal, and the works of Thomas Harris.


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  1. Regarding on what Will says (this IS or ISN’T my design) Martha De Laurentiis commented on Twitter that the script says “This is my design”, but I have also listened that for so many times and I’m still not convinced (mainly because of movement of Wills lips when he says it).
    If Will is saying “This isn’t my design” I think that is so because of ongoing Francis Dolarhyde/Red Dragon transformation Will is more confused about the killer as usual and that drives him to see Hannibal to recover that special mindset.

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