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Greetings Perverts! Today we have a three part show! TheTrojanKitten finally gives into my wish and tells us her bad OKCupid Date I call, “Don’t start a date by telling someone you’re a pathological Liar”. Dirty Lola tells The Frisky Fairy and me her Sexual Superhero Origin Story, and I get some angst out about crossing the streams between Swing, Poly, and Kink social networks.

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Segment 1: Crossing the Streams between Swing, Poly, and Kink

Dylan relays some angst about combining the swing, poly, and kink worlds at a single event, relaying his anxiety about showing off his “casual sex self” in front of people who usually see him in spaces with less raw sexual energy. Mr. Pent talks about bringing poly folk into kink spaces, especially when the perception is that ALL polyamorous people are into kink. Andrea mentions that swinger is a dirty word to some kink people, and that while they talk the talk, occasionally they don’t walk the walk. We realize that in each space and in each community, people negotiate things at their own space so that initial negotiation might not always go smooth. We then theorize about “in the dark” / “lights off” / “blind man’s bluff” parties.

Dirty Lola is SELECTIVELY down to fuck, you can find her at, on twitter as @DirtyLola, and find her podcast, Sex Ed A-Go-Go here on the Swingset network at

Andrea Renae is a sexuality educator and coach working in the kink and polyamory communities. You can find her at and at on twitter at @theandrearenae. She also works with the Sexuality in Communities Oral History Project based out of Philadelphia which you can find at

Mr. Pent is a poly, kinky, and swing…y? He’s also my good friend, and you can find him on twitter at @mr_pent and find his blog at


Segment 2: Michelle Renee and the bad OKCupid Date

Michelle Renee tells us the story of her worst OKCupid date, admitting that a date that doesn’t go anywhere doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad date, but that any date that starts out with an admission that one of the people in the date is a pathological liar can’t go well, and that the word sarcasm doesn’t always means what you think it means.

You can find Michelle Renee’s writing at and @TheTrojanKitten.


Segment 3: The Origin Story of Dirty Lola

Our New York Sexual Super Hero Dirty Lola tells us how she entered nonmonogamy, everything from flip and switch parties as teenagers to making out with random strangers on the train, to facing off with other couples in #nakedchicken and realizing that making out with the partner you came with is the gateway drug (and antidote) to #nakedchicken.

“Excuse me sir… may I have this dance … with her pussy?”

“I would like to tango … with your clit.”

“I hate you.” “Why?” “…because I understand.”

Rebecca Hiles aka The Frisky Fairy is a sex educator and dating coach out of the DC Region and you can find her everywhere, twitter, tumblr, etc… @TheFriskyFairy. She also has a book, Coming Out Poly, which you can find when it’s out at!

You can find Dylan Thomas on twitter @DylanTheThomas, at, and at Dylan’s Origin Story on


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