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Daddy issues! Always an interesting topic for the two of us, this week we chat about how fluid sexuality can be when it comes to kink needs, and how Sophie in particular is finding herself leaning towards a direction she’s not used to. We work through some things together but it’s all still a wonderful work in progress.

After we chat for a while about our own stuff, you can listen to the fantastic and charming duo of Twisted Monk and the Lorax of Sex as they each tell us a story from their lives. Monk’s tale of waterspouts gone wrong had us in absolute stitches and Lorax wins the gold star for being creative with sexual discovery, hands down. It was an absolute delight to have the two of them in studio and we think you’ll really love these stories.

The Twisted Monk was originally founded in 2004 when Monk began experimenting with rope bondage and made a batch of rope for his own use. The response was so positive that he started making more for others, eventually forming a business and processing hemp in his backyard. In the spring of 2006, after outgrowing the capacity of his garage based workshop, Monk moved the operation into its current home. “The Abbey” is the workshop where Monk and his team of dedicated artisans cut and finish every order by hand.

You can connect with Monk on Twitter @twistedmonk or learn more about his beautiful rope at

Blogger, educator, sex utensil savant- Lorax of Sex has opinions (and ass-based goals) and they’re not afraid to share them. The name comes from a moniker they’ve come to be called- with a background in social justice and grass-roots organising, plus a tendency to be a walking, constantly-talking encyclopaedia of obscure knowledge. They’re combining passions and bringing a soapbox to the world of dildos and buttplugs. Lorax Of Sex is proudly queer, in every sense of the word, and Deaf.

Connect with Lorax on Twitter @LoraxOfSex or on their website

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