TMSG 007: Crista Anne & #OrgasmQuest


We had a fantastic time this past weekend at CatalystCon East, a sex-education conference based out of Arlington, Virginia. In addition to great panels, parties, and reuniting with some of our nearest and dearest in the sexuality sphere, we were able to record a number of great interviews, including this one with OrgasmQuester, Crista Anne.

Crista Anne shares with us the story of #OrgasmQuest. How it started, how it grew, and how internet fame can be simply exhausting.

Crista Anne is a Progressive Pleasurist, Intersectional Feminist and Sex-Positive Parent with her Partner In Everything, XVO. Foundress of & #OrgasmQuest. She has experience working in different spheres of sexuality for 14 years. Co-Host of Progressive Pleasurists. frequent contributor to the Carnalcopia, and Life on the Swingset Podcasts. Crista is a lover of glitter, rainbows, and coffee. Her guiltiest pleasure is her love for the Green Bay Packers. You can find her @Pinkness on twitter. “rainbow-colored pleasure revolutionary! –Carol Queen, PhDi

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Thanks for listening. We’ll see you on April 16 for Episode 8 with Lillith Grey!


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