TKG 08 : Desire 2014 – Geeks, Swingers, and Kinksters, Oh My!


Ophilia and Miko went and enjoyed the Swingset Takes Desire 2014. The best part of their vacation… so many sexy kinky geeks! The Desire trip seemed to bring together geeks, swingers and kinksters all in one place in paradise. These Kinky Geeks found so much they loved from the Wild West night makeover to steampunk, sexy latex wearing vacationers, Hot Tub Against Humanity, flogging demos and TARDIS pasties. We recap our trip as well as our interesting travel experiences. Miko arrived several days into the trip so she shares her other international escapade that preceded Desire. We also delve into the importance of finding your people, the different ways people can be geeky, and the importance of respecting the things that turn people on. We also discuss the worst way to yuk somebody’s yum, how the Midwest Furfest had to deal with an intentional chlorine gas leak. Somewhat of a disclaimer: Your experiences at Desire outside of a Swingset trip may vary. The Venn diagram of awesomeness existed for us while at a Swingset Takes Desire trip. Join us in 2015! Check out info for Swingset Takes Desire 2015 here!

How to make your own Hot Tub Against Humanity cards by Damien and Angelica:

Midwest FurFest gas leak info:


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The Kinky Geeks are Ophilia Tesla (Twitter - Facebook) and Miko Technogeisha (Twitter - Facebook) two very kinky and incredibly geeky girls who discuss all things kinky, geeky, and sexy, in this universe and all other existing parallel universes, with an emphasis on sex positivity and all around geekery.

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