Review: Super Soft C-Ring by Tantus


Review: Super Soft C-Ring by TantusI should preface this review with a small but relevant tid-bit: I am a cisgender female. Meaning I was born with female genitalia, I deemed that was a correct assignment, and I currently identify as a female. So, that out of the way, I'm going to review the hell out of this cock ring regardless.

This happy little c-ring is made of “100% Ultra-Premium silicone.” Which made me question: what is Ultra-Premium silicone? Was it bitten by a radioactive cock-spider at some point and given super-duper silicone powers? From what I know of Tantus toys, their silicone is always medical grade and great quality, but “Ultra-Premium” is about as informative as saying it's made of “Crazy-Special-Awesome silicone.” So let's call it what it is: it's silicone. Also, while I'm at it, I'm going to name it “Stretch” because it will kill me to type out “Tantus Super Soft C-Ring” every time I need to refer to it.

So, Stretch is, as you would assume, super stretchy. Specs wise, Stretch has a 1.5” unstretched inside diameter and a stretched diameter of 4.75″. For silicone, which can be rather firm, Stretch is flexible and (again, you might have guessed this one) super soft. It has a very velvet-like smooth finish but is still firm enough to be effective. Stretch comes in black, purple, or red-orange and is flat (not round like most c-rings) which means it won't roll and catch hair, tearing it out of a very sensitive place. Stretch is sold for $9.99, so it’s a cheaper alternative to getting a more fierce ring made out of leather or stainless steel.

Stretch can be put on when soft or erect, but before I delve into that, you might be asking how a c-ring works in the first place. So the point of a c-ring is to make an erection last longer and be harder. It's worn behind the testicles to allow blood flow into the erection yet restrict the blood flow out of the erection. C-rings can be worn in front of testicles but this is not the optimal use. I mostly advise guys to wear it in front only if it’s too uncomfortable to be worn behind. I also advise that if it starts to hurt or if it’s on too long and you want it off in a pinch, Stretch can be removed very easily by stretching it out and removing your cock and balls, or in worst case panic-scenarios one could cut the silicone really easily with a scissors. If a c-ring wearer didn’t want to cut it, or in the case of a steel c-ring and they can’t, I tell guys that they can use ice water to chill their bits into submission. Not pleasant, but neither is trying to force or cut a stainless steel ring off your the base of your dick, amiright?

It’s much easier to put the c-ring on while soft, but Stretch more than triples in size when stretched out, so unless you have a coke-can thick cock, you should be okay to put it on whenever you want.

The fuller an erection, the more blood in the shaft, the more sensation for the penis-haver. For some penis-havers, c-rings make everything more sensitive, but sensations are different for every guy.

Cockrings can be used in conjuction with a penis pump to help create a firmer erection and then to keep it hard longer. A lot of fancy pumps come with a snap c-ring, but most of the simpler ones don’t. A pump and c-ring may be able to help with erectile dysfunction, depending on the circumstances, but it’s essentially a toy for sensation and shouldn’t be treated as a problem-solver.

Overall, I really like the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring as a beginner c-ring. Not only is it everything I’ve mentioned above, but for some reason I find it cute. Maybe it’s the softness or bright colors. It doesn’t look daunting or unsafe, it’s kind of cuddly.


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