Review: Maui Kink Linen Rope in Crimson


Review: Maui Kink Linen Rope in CrimsonI don’t know about you, but I love getting packages. So when I received the samples of the Maui Kink linen rope in Crimson I eagerly tore into the plastic wrapping. Like all rope guys, the first thing I did was stick my nose in it and inhale deeply. Unlike hemp or jute, this rope has very little fragrance. Instead of what would expect from hemp, this rope smells like clean fabric.

This is a 3 strand linen rope 6 mm in diameter. It doesn’t take much to see this is a well crafted rope. It has a nice tight lay and a soft hand. The color and diameter are consistent and uniform in both of the 30 m samples I received. Laundering it softens it, but doesn’t shrink it at all. However, wash it with similar colors because the dye does tend to bleed (note to self: needs some vinegar next time to help set the red dye). The laundered sample is noticeably, but not significantly, lighter than the unlaundered sample. Even with the lighter shade, the vibrant color of the rope still looks great against your partner’s skin.

Friction can be a fun part of adding rope to playtime with a partner. But, there’s good friction (sensation) and bad friction (rope burn). Synthetic fibers are more prone to rope burns. But, being a natural fiber rope, this doesn’t burn the skin when you’re pulling the working end through a loop next to your partner’s skin. There is enough good friction when pulling through but not enough to burn. It holds knots well so once you’ve tied the knot it won’t slip loose. The smooth feel of it makes it well suited for long term bondage. So once you’ve gotten your partner in position, they can be comfortable in the knowledge that they probably will be there for awhile. The tight lay of the strands helps them keep their shape and leaves a lovely rope bite on your partner.

Maui Kink doesn’t load rate the linen rope, so it would be smart to keep your play with this rope on the ground or as a decorative addition to a suspension. A rope that isn’t load rated doesn’t mean that it can’t hold weight, just that it hasn’t been tested or rated. Using any unrated rope for suspension has the potential to lead to damage or injury to your partner, so play wisely. Remember; Safe, sane, and consensual.


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