Review: Energie by Natural Contours


One thing that I'm continuously trying to work on and keep up with is my Kegel muscles. I like to make sure that I am the tightest I can be. I'm  trying to be like a friend of mine who can use her Kegel muscles to grab a cock and not let go. I was so impressed when Cooper told me about this, I've been striving ever since to workout my Kegels so one day I can be like her. I might not be as strong as she is, but it's enough of an incentive to make me want to improve mine.  Natural Contours‘ Energie is a great tool to use to get me to that point.

Natural Contours‘ Energie is a kegel exerciser that is different from anything I've used to strengthen my Kegel muscles. The Energie is a long, slim, curved weight with 2 ball weights at each end, pretty much looks like a barbell. One is slightly larger than the other and weighs a bit more.  It is very sleek and was amazing to hold in my hand. It had some heft to it, but enough that it didn't feel like it would be too much to work with.

Using the exerciser was very easy. I positioned myself on my back on the floor, as it instructed, and inserted the small end of the Energie in me. Using only my natural lubrication, it does recommend you do use lube to put it in, it slid into me like butter. It was extremely smooth and comfortable inside. Once it was inside of me I could feel my muscles grabbing on to the Energie instantly. It was no surprise that they grabbed on because I've been working on them for a while now, but I was impressed with how quickly the Energie was working on me.

From that point I started squeezing and working my kegel muscles and could tell that they were truly getting a great workout with the Energie. The weight was very easy to hold and was strong enough to feel I was actually strengthening them without having to work very hard at it. The further I would insert the Energie to reach full penetration, I could feel it getting closer to my g-spot.  The curved shape was locating it perfectly. With the right amount of pressure and thrust the Energie would be a great g-spot stimulator too.

I also tried using the larger end to see how that end worked as well. It felt very cozy and pleasant inside as the smaller side did and also went in as gently and softly. The added weight was enough of a difference on my muscles that they were getting tired only after using a minute or so.  This end was definitely something I would go back to to get my muscles really working towards my super powerful Kegel muscles.

When I was all finished and need to clean the Energie,  all I needed to do was just wash it with hot water and a mild soap and with a little elbow grease it was all set for next time. Clean up was a total breeze.

I was pleased with how simple and easy the Energie was to use. I feel it would be great for beginners or any women who wants to strengthen and tone their Kegel muscles. It is something that I feel I can use to continuously keep my muscles “fit and healthy,” as the box says it will do. I would absolutely recommend Natural Contours‘ Energie to anyone looking for a new way to work out their Kegel muscles.

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