Pedestrian Polyamory 36: The Depresissode – This Time…. On Purpose


Gavin and Shira B. Katz return to rock the mic one more time, and it’s time to get all sad ‘n stuff.   Gavin is getting back to his introversion while Shira has a new boy, who makes Gavin go on a tangent showing his geekiness.  Gavin and Shira have been dealing with depression, and give tips on how to deal with guilt, handle your own personal depression as well as dealing with a partner going through depression.  Gavin and Shira try to keep things light and BANTER like they do, but (sh)it’s gonna get weird.



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  1. So Gavin, way to cite Marvel History! I really, really relate to you! It is so hard for me to get out and find more. Whenever I have problems with one of my 2 primaries, we ALL have issues. I can truly relate to depression.

  2. Just found your podcast and this episode caught my eye. Thanks so much for doing a depressisode, I can relate to a lot of Gavin’s feelings as I’ve struggled with depression for years. I do take medication (and unfortunately will probably have to for a long time) and go back to therapy when my brain chemicals like to freak out. I really liked how you talked about depression guilt and avoiding partners in order to try to spare their feelings, because that it something I tend to do on my ‘dark days’ and it just makes them more worried and gets them thinking that things are worse then they are. Also, kudos on the advice to keep up dates and activities with your depressed partner. If I’m in a bout of depression, I will often try to cancel plans with people and then end up feeling left out, but when they talk me into joining anyways, I almost always have a good time and end up feeling better! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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