PP 28: Just Correct!


Hot off the heels of OpenSF Gavin and Shira are here to decompress all over you.  First Shira reveals the details of her next speaking appearance (*hint* CatalystCon ).  Then the Katz’ share the highs from the entire conference, but you can’t have high high’s without some eventual low low’s.  Shira and Gavin have both been experiencing various degree’s of over sensitivity surrounding language and the communities desire to be politically correct.  Gavin discuss his feelings on the misuse of the word ‘Privileged’.  Shira tells a story revolving around the racism of Ninja’s (yep… Ninja’s).  It’s not all griping and moaning in the Katz household, because in the end they just want to clarify, ‘We are ALL on the same team’.




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    • Vir Modestus that’s the most racist and ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. I think you just made Gavin’s point for him.

      I am a white male. I grew up extremely poor. My parents had nothing and gave me nothing. We barely had food to eat. We qualified for food stamps and government assistance because my Dad worked for minimum wage, but my parents always refused to take them because they didn’t like handouts. They found a way for us to survive, even though it was hard and we had nothing.

      When I turned 18 I left the house on my own, and had to make my own way in the world with no safety net and no help.

      I am now a successful business owner. I never, NEVER got help from anyone. I never got scholarships or handouts or help of any kind. No one was there to help me, in fact a lot of the time people worked against me. I worked a full time job WHILE I went to college to pay for it. When I got out I worked 80 hours a week for the next 10 years to build my business into a success.

      No one helped me, in fact people mostly got in my way. The government taxed me, competitors tried to shut me down, but I succeeded because I worked harder than anyone else.

      I would have succeeded no matter what the color of my skin, because the color of my skin had nothing to do with it, and to suggest that I’m only doing well because I’m white is incredibly racist.

      By contrast, my best friend in high school was hispanic. He recieved a bunch of scholarships from hispanic organizations because of the color of his skin. His parents were wealthy and they supported him too, helped him, gave him money. He never had to work, he went to college without having to pay tuition. He squandered ALL of this, did nothing with it, never showed up to class, never worked hard, and he’s now a failure who still lives on his Mom’s couch.

      He had EVERY advantage I did not. He failed because he squandered those advantages, not because of his skin color.

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