A Modest Proposal: Should Ginger and Cooper Fuck?


Let’s speak honestly and earnestly about a key question on the Swingset: Should Ginger and Cooper fuck?

Perhaps you may consider it a wildly inappropriate question on this site of the open-minded and sexually adventurous. It really is up to them, right? From the podcast and relentless Twitter flirting, they clearly want to. And let me go on record as saying that with all the built up anticipation between the two of them…I’d be in the front row watching all that hotness!

In thinking about how this could affect their dynamic on the show, however, someone has to point out many a show were utterly ruined–trashed I’d dare say–when the protagonists were unable to keep a lid on the sexual tensions. Need I really point out the examples? Let’s go on a tour:

Fox Mulder and Dana Sully – Perhaps the closest comparisons available to the nerdy-ness that is Cooper and Ginger, the first hints of a consummated romantic relationship between the two came in Season 7. Is it coincidence–or even a conspiracy–that ratings started declining until the show was canceled two years later?

Sam Malone and Diane Chambers – One of the staples of my youth sitcom days and well before I truly understood the New England mentality as I do now, Cheers was a favorite–that is, until Sam actually proposed to Diane. The following season was a disaster and long train-wreck of not-so-funny romantic overtures. Luckily, the writers were clever enough to get rid of Diane and replace her with Kirstie Alley’s character. Bam! Sexual tension is there again and the show enjoys a long run.

Rachel Green and Ross Geller. Ring a bell for anyone? The other hosts of Swingset may be well-advised to take note of the awkwardness on Friends after Rachel and Ross’s steam was released. It was just weird after that.

James Ford (Sawyer) and Dr. Juliet Burke – According to Lostpedia, “Suliet is the fan-given nickname to the romantic pairing between Sawyer and Juliet. It is part of the love quadrangle featuring Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet. The other parts are known as Jate, Skate and Jacket.” That logic would make make Cooper and Ginger into Gooper. I watched every episode of Lost. If I actually understood it, I’m sure there’d be a lesson in there for Cooper and Ginger. Then again, maybe Swingset would make for a better love bunch. By my count it’d be Gooper, Dinger (Dylan-Ginger), Shirper (Shira-Cooper), Girha (Ginger-Shira), and Shiryan (Shira-Dylan). And that’s just for the latest cohort. I’m sure the authors of swingsetapedia will get all the combinations down for us.

Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big – Yes, I’m man enough to admit that I also watched every episode of Sex and the City, and loved it! To this day, the Cosmo remains my drink of choice, and that Mr. Big was nothing but trouble for Carrie. Yes, he did redeem himself in the movie and yes, I cried.

Maddie Hayes and David Addison – Could there possibly be a better pre-coitus TV show than Moonlighting? Were you as surprised as I was that when the thing that we all wanted to happen actually did happen that it wasn’t interesting any longer? Is it just me or was this experience so traumatic to Cybil Shepherd’s TV persona that she actually changed her orientation on The L Word?

It’s time to weigh in as devoted listeners of the podcast, readers of the site, and Twitter followers on the centrality of this question. Is it too Modest a Proposal for Gooper to hold out for their fans…to let the slow simmer turn to a full boil…to tease versus please…to wait versus cum?

Ah, fuck it. Just get it on. While your at it, make sure to include Dinger, Shirper, Girha, and Shiryan. Just let us know when so we can all watch.


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