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Good morning Swingset Fans,

Before we decided to go on hiatus I’d dropped another podcast host (and fan of the show) Roxie Kix a line to ask, “Hey… your show rocks! If there’s ever an opportunity to join you all i’d love to”, and to my happy surprise she said yes! Life then proceeded to, as the kids say, happen, and that opportunity fell off the radar and we went on hiatus.

While we were on hiatus I reached out, I felt awful for not joining the crew when I wanted to and… well I missed podcasting, and they were still happy to have me on so I joined Bonnie Barrow, Captain Jake Harkness, Alonzo Jericho, and Roxie Kix to become the a temporary fifth on my favorite show to listen to about the lifestyle, where they discuss, debate, and parse through the wonders and the struggles of this swinging thing we do.

So, I’d like to introduce… STARUnderground.

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STARunderground goes big time this week, as the Foursome is joined by podcasting and lifestyle personality and pseudo-legend Dylan Thomas (@DylanTheThomas) of the Life on the Swingset Podcast and the Gentle Perverts Social Club for a discussion about swinging, podcasting, polyamory, and all the usual offbeat capers and random tangents.

Dylan, who is a #prettybigdeal, is generous enough to not only impart some of his wisdom, but also to give Roxie an object for fan-girl infatuation, answer a question from Jake three time without actually answering the question, and join us for an FMK with some of Hollywood’s most rumored open relationships.

If Dylan Thomas is on the show, we must be at least a medium-sized deal, so join the Underground now before our heads start to swell (and not in a good way). Our ascent to fame and fortune starts on the latest STARunderground Podcast, so give us a listen and get ready for the big time.

Please contact us to let us know if you have a question or if there’s a topic you’d like us to explore: Also, we all have twitter handles, tweet us!

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