PP 28: Just Correct!


Hot off the heels of OpenSF Gavin and Shira are here to decompress all over you.  First Shira reveals the details of her next speaking appearance (*hint* CatalystCon ).  Then the Katz’ share the highs from the entire conference, but you can’t have high high’s without some eventual low low’s.  Shira and Gavin have both been experiencing various degree’s of over sensitivity surrounding language and the communities desire to be politically correct.  Gavin discuss his feelings on the misuse of the word ‘Privileged’.  Shira tells a story revolving around the racism of Ninja’s (yep… Ninja’s).  It’s not all griping and moaning in the Katz household, because in the end they just want to clarify, ‘We are ALL on the same team’.




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