PP 25: ORE, NRE, and the Chemicals Between Us

Gavin and Shira sit down and talk about the ORE, which stands for Old Relationship Energy, and may or may not be something that Shira completely made up.  They also talk about NRE, but more than talking about the energy, they talk about the science and chemicals involved, and what drives humans to act the way they do.  Before they get into that Gavin announces he’s back on the polyamorous market, and Shira talks about having guilt just for being Shira B. Katz.

Pedestrian Polyamory is a show about polyamory and all of its glorious (and not so glorious) features. Join co-hosts Shira B. Katz and Gavin Katz as they talk about sex and polyamory in a realistic, down-to-earth, and bulls**t-free manner. Listen as they approach topics such as poly, nonmonogamy, sex, threesomes, compersion, and more logically and rationally.

Author: Pedestrian Polyamory

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  1. I prefer “Original” relationship energy to “OLD”,  just sayin

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  2. The pagans are coming!  The pagans are coming!  Get a towel.


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