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So this is one of those blogs about a bad swinging experience. It was a misunderstanding. It’s all cleared up between Mr. Doubleplay and I, but it caused hurt feelings. And I believe that we’re stronger as a result. I share the details since hopefully it help other couples avoid dramas of their own. Because, truly, drama sucks in the swinging lifestyle. It should be fun. Vanilla life is drama enough!

The first mistake we made was not clarifying the line between dirty talk in the bedroom and what we wanted actually to happen in real life. After our weekend visit with the Ws (mentioned in previous blogs), we were getting ready to say our good byes. Mr. Doubleplay came up to me and said, “I’m going to help Lady W pack!” and headed to the bedroom. All of our kids were in the house and it wasn’t necessarily feasible for us all to join in. But I became increasingly uneasy about what was taking place in the bedroom. I had mentioned to Mr. Doubleplay during a hot round of sex just between the two of us that I would love if he would sweep Lady W away and had his way with her as a ‘welcome to our house’ gift. I didn’t really mean for him to do that, but he did.