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Blogs Condom Failure

Condom Failure During Swinging

I am always very careful about condom use. Always. It has been that way ever since I started using them. I suspect that is a product of my sex education from the 90’s during when AIDS was very scary (well it still is scary). So, usually I am hyper aware of the condom situation. I check it often make sure it is all good and what not.

Reviews Lelo Insignia Alia Clit Vibrator Review

Review: Alia Clit Vibrator by LELO

Pink, quiet and soft as a mouse. Lelo’s Alia, from their Insignia line, is the silkiest, smoothest clit vibe that has graced my skin. Pretty as a pearl and fits in the palm of my hand. It almost seems too lovely for me to be using it as a personal clit massager.

Reviews Lelo Insignia's Isla & Soraya, reviewed

Review: Isla and Soraya by LELO Insignia

Marilyn takes her love of all things Lelo to the next level when we receive two fully waterproof vibes from their new Insignia line. Lelo doesn’t disappoint once again, the Isla & Soraya are two vibes on the MUST OWN list!