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Who Are You Out To – Coming Out In The Lifestyle

It seems as though there are so many things to “come out” about these days. Being gay. Being bi. Being an atheist. Being a Wiccan. Being non-monogamous. It’s an unsurprising by-product of a progressing society. Rather than shamefully hiding your atypical lifestyle, you embrace it. You meet others who are like you and develop a circle of gay, atheist, non-monogamous friends. Unfortunately, your parents/family/coworkers/local grocer may not be as embracing of your “atypicality.”

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SS 23: Coming Out With Kendra Holliday

In Life on the Swingset, The Podcast: Ep 23, we spend a long evening with our friend Kendra Holliday, who on National Coming Out day, revealed her identity to the world on her website The Beautiful Kind. Over the course of an hour and a half, we talk with Kendra about the time since she came out to the world, the difficulties she’s had with her community and her ex husband, and how it feels to be a source of sex positive information in a difficult world. We then move beyond to our own feelings about coming out as swingers, polyamorous, non-monogamous, or even simply sex positive.

Articles Facing the Pressure to Remain Silent - Living as Closeted Swingers Or Coming Out

Facing the Pressure to Remain Silent – Living as Closeted Swingers Or Coming Out

After Brent and his wife shared their non-monogamous relationship with close friends, they received the message loud and clear: “Stop the swinging, or our friendship is over.” Devastated, we wonder how and why you should come out, what are the good reasons for and against it, and how do you deal with people who simply cannot accept or respect your non-monogamous lifestyle.