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It’s some high and mighty spin with a buried lead. The jist of the article is that sex has become somewhat trivialized and non-romantic. People are having sex with more partners at the same time (which, according to the article is called “‘concurrency,’ in sexual behavior lingo” [And Isincerely doubt that a term like concurrency has EVER been able to be termed “lingo”]) and they’re doing it in so called “friends with benefits” relationships and “nonromantic sexual encounters.” So, what’s this doing? SPREADING DISEASE! LIKE HERPES! Run for the hills, swingers, our friends with benefits and other nonromantic sexual encounters, and dear god, our CONCURRENCY is going to kill us all!

Marilyn and I spoke briefly with Wendy Strgar of “Ask The Loveologist” on about our swinging lifestyle and our desires for this site. We want it to be a beacon in the darkness to those who feel that their lifestyle desires are dirty and wrong. Thanks Wendy for mentioning us in your article (page two) and we agree with most everything you said in the article.

I had been flirting with Janie most of the night. She sat cross legged on the barstool, a tiny thing in a gauzy white blouse and beads; she is smart, pretty and has an easy laugh. Her dancer body is thin, strong and pierced in a couple very cool places. I am sure I told her all these things and more as the evening wore on; I could tell I was getting to her as much as she was getting to me. We had exchanged a few caresses and many deep stares into each other’s eye. I could not have been happier when she agreed to come over for an after party.