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"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth & taste,"- Rolling Stone, Sympathy for the Devil. No ThoughtswithAD is not the devil, but a decent tribute by the Rolling Stones none the less. As a new blogger/reviewer to every changing internet, figured it best to start on a familiar phrase. Speaking of familiar, I'm professional packaging designer with designs in major department stores across the US & UK. However my mind is a totally different story, hence the name. Either singing along to Queen on the way to work or spotting life's oddities around the corner, I like to give each thought it's own unique spotlight. In continuing to explore more corners of life/mind, I'm now signing up to review PORN. I'm a straight, engaged, artistic heterosexual female. Why did I include artistic when I already said I'm a designer? Well you try drawing a naked man or woman for 8 hrs. for two years of schooling, then you can add artistic to your own description. Anyhow I hope to add a humorous and honest reviews to encourage more people to look at sex. As per Willie Nelson, " You are always on my mind," and we all know it' sex at some point in the day. So now I shall show my support of the industry with a little wit of course.