Author: The Redhead Bedhead

The Redhead Bedhead - JoEllen to her friends - believes in constant learning, perpetual experimentation, nonstop dialogue, incessant wise-assery and frequent sex shop visits. Her mission is to use information, communication and humor to save the world from mediocre sex. You can follow her exploits at or on Twitter @BedheadTweeting

Non-monogamy is wreaking havoc with my abandonment issues. Please don’t think I’m embarking on one of those journeys of revelation where I talk about going off and being sexually adventurous and then discovering that sex with assorted people left me feeling cold and empty and what I had really longed for the whole time was the stability of a committed, monogamous relationship straight out of the last 5 minutes of all romantic comedies ever. This isn’t that kind of story. I love the direction my love life has taken. Frankly, It’s other people’s open relationships that will most likely be…

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