Author The Duchess


The Duchess is a radical feminist, tribe member, and bondage enthusiast living in the greater DC area. She has been some variety of ethically non-monogamous since 2000 including non-monogamy, swinging, solo-poly, hieracrhal poly, triad, poly groups, non-hieracrhal poly, and mono-poly. Since bursting out of the closet, The Duchess has presented at local/regional events, co-founded a monthly educational event/party, and lived in a dungeon. After moving to the DC metro area, she is taking her time exploring the community and finding her people. She lives in a mono-poly D/s relationship with The Monogamist and an open egalitarian relationship with The Mrs. With the free time she can squeeze out of her Google calendar, The Duchess enjoys activism for a variety of causes, making people cry, and spending time with the Tribe <3, her chosen family.