Author: Rapunzel D'Zyre

swinger, nurse, educator, mother, dabbler in polyamory, kink, technology deficient, liberal, atheist, protestor of society's version of normal.

I’ve experienced many toys throughout my years as a sex-positive perv, but never have I encountered one as unique as the Womanizer Inside Out. As someone who does not enjoy intense vibrations on my clit, I became a fan of the Womanizer line upon my first introduction with the Womanizer Pro40. Clitoral stimulators with intense vibration tend to leave me feeling numb; the unique touchless clitoral stimulation of the Womanizer products is a great solution for vulva-havers who don’t like direct clitoral contact.. Womanizer puts out an excellent product, and I was eager to experience their take on an internal/external…

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