Author: PolyDoxie

PolyDoxie is happily married woman seeking a second husband. Heroes welcome. She and her husband live subversively in a conservative town. Her turn-ons include: men who cook for her, men who give her massages, and men who can lick the bridge of their own nose. Her turn-offs include: war, pestilence, and overuse of the passive voice in writing.

My husband and I have been in the Lifestyle for almost ten years now.  We’ve made the increasingly common migration from swingers to poly.  These days, we are an early forties poly couple looking for a husband. I’ve spent the summer seeking, but without much luck. Over the years, we have learned that I am the pickier partner. Time has shown us that my husband is usually willing to be with any man that I would be interested in having sex with.  The reverse is not true and this led to a few awkward dates in our early swinging years. …

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