Author: Mina Gorey

Mina Gorey is a polyamorus pornographer who shares her sex life with fiancé Joe via her websites, and their personal life via spycams. That was all cool and boundary-broadening, so then she went polyamorus, and now she and Joe share other stuff, with other people. She shares a lot of that with the web, via a blog.

Hello there! Spying on me, huh? I can’t blame you; I have an unconventional life. Another reason I can’t blame you for peeping on me (you naughty thing) is that I’m the one who made it possible. I opened the door and let you in. I invited you into my home and made my whole darn life available for your viewing pleasure 24/7. Whether you’re in Canada or Cambodia, baby, I’m here for you. Perhaps you want a quick peek to see what I’m up to, like that time you caught me naked in shower or that night you grabbed…

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