Author: Louis T Hunter


Words, songs, sex, shows, films, video games, computers, podcasts, his wife, his friends: this is the ever evolving heart of Louis T. Hunter.

In part one of this blog, I realized that a reoccurring dream I had where I performed fellatio was actually a memory. Part two explores what happened next. The realization that I had smoked pole led to more questions than answers. I realized that the crush I had developed on Starbucks Guy wasn’t the first I’d had on a dude. One of my friends in high school was also the object of some of my fantasies. I remembered times when I would sleep over at his house, and we would sometimes sleep in the same queen-sized bed. I remember thinking,…

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I am a bisexual man. When I was growing up, I didn’t consciously find myself sexually attracted to guys. It really didn’t occur to me. In elementary school, I crushed on most of the girls my age and was interested in sex at a very early age. I distinctly remember when I was ten or eleven years old, walking with my friend, Tim, one afternoon and talking about oral sex. I didn’t call it “oral sex,” but that was what we were talking about. I mentioned that, based on my calculations, a man and a woman should be able to…

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