Author: Jean-Luc Gothos


Writer, Observer, Pansexual, NSFW, Geek. a few of the words that describe me. I live fearlessly, and I'm fearlessly Optimistic about everything.

I recently have done several posts about my coming out as Pansexual. However I’m seeing something that has been growing quite a bit in the back of my mind. I’ve been watching accounts that talk about the Bisexual and Pansexual experience. One of the things that I have taken note of is something that is called Bi-Phobia or Bi-erasure. It’s something that is both frightening and really interesting. Even within the LGBTQP community, the way that Bisexual or Pansexual people are viewed as either not able to make a choice, or that they’re just sexually greedy. It’s something that has…

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Fetlife, Tumblr, all of these Social Networking sites have vastly different policies when it comes to depictions of sex. Under the guise of “Community Standards” Facebook clearly states that images of nudity are forbidden except under very strict guidelines like Fine Art or breastfeeding. Twitter’s policy is fairly clear that no “Pornography” is allowed, however “Porn” stars are becoming the biggest and smartest Twitter users out there. Pinterest under the Pin Etiquette states that no nudity is allowed at all. However in contrast you can go to Tumblr and find all the naked people you ever wanted.…

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