Author: GokulovesPinkie


My name is Goku, I’m a writer and my wife Pinkie and I are new to the lifestyle. We met online over three years ago and fell in love on our second date as we had a star gazing picnic. I proposed on our year anniversary and we married five months later. This is a blog about our journey into the lifestyle as we continue to explore each other and with each other.

Read part one here. It was decided, April was the girl for us! Pinkie had become very attracted to her and I admitted I was too. We started dirty talking about her during sex, what we would be doing to her and what she would be doing to us. My big desire was to have both of them go down on me while making out, she wanted April to lie on top of her while I took turns fucking them both. Pinkie would text me at work asking how April looked and wanting me to describe her. Both of us…

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Hi, my name, or more accurately my alias, is Goku. My wife Pinkie and I are new to the lifestyle. It’s weird to say that, it feels like I should get a collection of massage oils, a revolving bed, and a big gold medallion to wear with my loosely tied kimono. You know, the one I throw onto the velvet couch in our bedroom in front of the glass coffee table with lines of cocaine ready to snort from rolled hundred dollar bills. Sorry, I may have thrown some seventies porn and Scarface into that analogy. I think you probably…

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