Author: FJ

FJ routinely wears a "fucking loves to cuddle" t-shirt to swing parties. He’s male component of the swinging couple, Playset. We’re a early 30’s couple who have been together AND non-monogamous since high-school. We’ve been active member of our local (DC area) lifestyle community for over 6 years.

I’ve never been one to take the idea of New Year’s resolutions all that seriously. But if the idea of a starting point for mass individual self-improvement works for you, may I humbly suggest a few ideas that would benefit our community.

What follows isn’t a swinger bucket list or a swingo card, these are challenges that if completed would not only benefit you but also build and strengthen our community.

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“Can I have your Mom’s phone number?,” is a question that should never, under any circumstances, be uttered at a swinger party. As a part of my costume for a Halloween party I drew up a poster of swinger urban legends. One of the legends, I included was the idea of key parties. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the popular notion of the key party is an adult party where the men throw their car keys into a bowl. At the end of the night the wives pick a random set of keys from the bowl, and proceed to…

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