Author: Esther Lockley

As a pseudo-army brat, Esther Lockley (lock-lay) traversed the States having many tomboyish adventures before settling in the quaint little city of Pittsburgh, PA for an indefinite stay. There she came out of the closet as a baby lesbian, attended Chatham College for a brief time, and ultimately came out again as an indiscriminate lover of all adult humans. Now she spends her time with a house full of three cats, her DJ/producer partner, and a whole cast of sex-positive, queer, and nerdy techno lovers. While not defending the stacks of her local library from wayward books and ancient librarians, Esther enjoys stuffing her brain with all manners of sexy, queer knowledge. One day you may find her teaching comprehensive sexuality education to the next generation of sex-positive citizens in an honest to goodness classroom, but until then Esther can be reached at

When I came out almost ten years ago, I had no idea there were more facets to my sexuality that would come into question later in life. About two years ago I met and developed feelings for a new person in my life. It was very unexpected, but really amazing on so many levels. For one, I have found that I take quite a bit of pleasure from crushes I form. It is fun to meet a new person and develop an admiration for the person they are, as well as the more physical attractions they can pull out of…

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