Author: Elle

After about 10 years in a relatively happy monogamous relationship, we opened it up, thanks to my (really silly) crush and the (sometimes) infinite wisdom of my partner. We are dating separately and could be described as polyamorous if one has to choose a label. It’s been an exciting experience so far, discovering others and myself. At times I feel inspired to write about some of the feelings and thoughts I had on the way.

What do I want? You, of course, do I even need to say that? I have always wanted you. Long time ago I waited for you. Then I stopped waiting but was still hoping, searching faces in the streets – maybe I could see yours… Now I don’t hope anymore. But I still want. I love this wanting. Everyone needs some kind of religion… And you… So beautiful and wise. Every time I think about you I feel this wave of tenderness. Unless you piss me off :-), but that does not happen much anymore. I am a so much…

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