Author: Chantelle

Chantelle is a Relationship Coach specializing in alternative relationships and exploring sexuality. She is the author of an up-and-coming book "The Ultimate Swingers Guide" and currently in a swinger-style relationship with her soul mate. She helps others find themselves and create phenomenal relationships in whatever style works for them

I have never been a jealous type of person, but because people have frequently asked me why, it’s prompted me to take a deeper look. First, let me ask this: what happens when you have something you love dearly that you’re afraid of losing? You hold onto it tighter, you keep an eye on it and you’re very particular about who you let borrow or take care of it! What happens when you do that to a person? They feel suffocated, trapped and at some point, they’ll look for the fastest way out. But if you give them freedom, they’ll…

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