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Bek and Cos are a happily married couple of over 20 years, and the owners of PartyPerks847. They know the club scene inside and out and blog about the issues and questions concerning clubs, club happenings, and advice on what to expect and how to navigate your way through the club scene. Follow their blog and reach out to them at, and see their website at

I have often heard people curious about or new to the lifestyle say “We are not ready for a club or a big party.” I have also read articles that have said it is best to “start out” in a more intimate setting, meeting another couple for a quiet evening and “see what develops”. With all due respect to the people who have this belief, and to those who give that advice to others, I beg to differ. Here’s why; Let’s say you meet a couple online and there is mutual interest, and you plan to get together.  The “pressure” one can experience…

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Greetings all…One of the most common questions we get concerns single guys in the club scene and even guys who are part of couples on how they should make friends, approach potential playmates, and become welcome in a club setting. Guys, this is not to be preachy or authoritative, this is just a message of advice to both the single guys and coupled guys out there. Some of you know this well, other are still learning, some need to listen carefully. Guys, the ladies, ESPECIALLY in a club situation, be they single or part of a couple, are psychic, in…

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