Author: Ashley Manta


Ashley Manta is a feminist sexuality educator, certified consulting hypnotist, and sex-positive pleasure advocate. She has given presentations on topics including sexual violence awareness, positive body image, and sexual empowerment. You can find a list of programs on her website or you can follow her on Twitter @ashleymanta

Six weeks ago, I attended CatalystCon East—a conference held in Washington, DC designed to spark communication, acceptance, and activism in the field of sexuality. It was literally a life changing experience. I have long struggled with body image and low self-esteem. I decided that if there was anywhere in the world that I would possibly accepted for who I am and not shunned due to my ample curves, it was this conference. I promised myself that I would try, just for that weekend, to see what being confident felt like. Well let me tell you – it was incredible. I…

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Herpes affects approximately 25 million people in the United States. Despite its prevalence 9 out of 10 people do not know that they have it. When considering the stigma that surrounds herpes, this presents an interesting paradox. It is entirely possible that some of the most vociferous critics of people with herpes may have herpes themselves and not know it. Let that sink in for a moment. A good friend of mine, Adrial Dale, started a movement called the Herpes Opportunity. The Herpes Opportunity includes a blog, e-book on disclosure, audio podcast and community forum which attracts nearly 20,000 unique…

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