Desire Chronicles – Party Hostess, Bringing Nudists to the Dark Side


Desire Resort & Spa - Nudists & SwingersDuring this trip to Desire, the ratio of nudists to Lifestyle couples was a about fifty-fifty. We were disappointed when we would talk to a hot couple and then learn that they didn't play. Starting only at 50 percent, and then subtracting couples that were of different generation, body type, and so on meant we hung with a small crowd in the end.

But I had lots of fun with one nudist couple, doing my best to gently turn them to the dark side.

We sat next to this couple at dinner and really enjoyed the conversation. They were no strangers to Desire or other similar destinations but they only watch. They had many questions for Mr. Doubleplay and I regarding how we got started and what pushed us to go out to that first club.

We saw the couple again at the disco that night. We waved from afar right before I began a very intense pole dance with a beautiful,very tall and thin Russian vixen who looked like a super model. It was naughty school girl night and we were very naughty girls for sure, sliding against each other, dancing around the pole very slowly, kissing lips, nipples. Taking turns slowly sliding down the others body and then back up again. After about three songs, we had attracted quite a crowd. We didn't want to stop but needed a rest.

Right after, I ran into the guy from dinner. He quickly told me that he enjoyed watching my dance, but then scurried away as if he was afraid I would take him right there. I pursued him gently and found him back with his girlfriend. I asked if they had been to the playroom. They said they never had. I asked if they wanted a tour. I guided them in, helped them to find a bed, brought them towels, blew them a kiss.

Then Mr Doubleplay and I took an adjoining bed and put on our own show. By the time we were finished, our new friends had stopped watching and had started to get busy themselves. Ole'!


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Mrs. Doubleplay is 40-something mom living in the middle of America with kids, a career, and pretty house in the suburbs. She’s active in her local church, coaches the kids’ soccer games, and happens to have a secret life as a swinger. Married to her high school sweetheart, Mr. Doubleplay, the couple dipped their toes in the lifestyle for a couple of years but then dropped off the radar to have kids. They rejoined the lifestyle in 2005 and haven’t looked back. They have been soft swap from the start but are working their way toward greater forms of adventure as we meet hot couples on lifestyle vacations, swinger clubs, and online websites.

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