A Night on Bourbon Street – Swinging in New Orleans

A Night Of Swinging On Bourbon Street
Photo by Daquella manera

Our trip to New Orleans was a time of swinging contrasts for us. Using a lifestyle website, Mr. DoublePlay made plans with couples for the three nights that we were in the Big Easy. For all the plans were to meet up for drinks or dinner and then see how it goes. It was our first time out in months. We learned the important lesson that if we want to make sure we can play while we are away, then several sets of plans are a really crucial strategy, because:

Night one: Our flight got cancelled so we never got there.
Night two: The other couple’s flight got cancelled.
Night three: Plans with 8 and only one couple got there.

That being said, we managed to have a great time. We texted a few other couples that Mr. DoublePlay had been chatting with online and found one who could meet us on Bourbon Street. Our night on Bourbon Street began with a lot of bar hopping and dancing. Ms. Bourbon Street and I got more and more aggressive with our bumping and grinding as we made our way down the street. Ms. B. was super fun, loads of energy. The guys would sometime sit and watch and sometimes bump and grind with us. But it was clear that her guy was not to be interacting very much with me. When Ms. Bourbon Street would go to get a drink or use the bathroom I would do some bumping and grinding with him and a few brief times we swapped husbands for a dance here and there.

I’m surprised at myself that I was disappointed when I wasn’t allowed to flirt with Mr. B. He was quite hot and seemed like a gentle and nice guy. And maybe because it was forbidden fruit, even the thought of a kiss with this guy was tempting.

Talking with a new friend in the lifestyle recently, we both commented how hard it can be, as a couple, to find another couple in which both of “us” like both of “them.” Less important if the guys like each other of course, but Mr. DoublePlay needs to find the girl hot, and ideally I want to find both hot. Although I’m realizing that there are times I‘d rather give most of my attention to the guy and other times where I really am into the girl and rare times where I am truly into both. It works well if the other “team” is feeling the same in terms of how attentions should be directed. But man, it’s complicated with 4 sometimes! And this night, I could tell that Mr. DoublePlay and I were both attracted to Ms. Bourbon Street and I found the guy very hot as well.

But I understood the boundaries. I decided that it was best from the beginning of the evening to make it clear that Ms. Bourbon Street was in charge of the evening. In the Lifestyle, the girl of the couple who has the greatest boundaries really should be in charge if she is to feel safe in the situation. I should know since I had had similar boundaries not so long ago. Plus Ms. Bourbon Street was a local. We were visitors to her town. She would decided where we would go and how far we would go that night.

After a particular steamy session at one bar where the four of us bumped and grinded and pressed up against one another in a whole range of combinations, my hubby asked if at some point they wanted to come back to our hotel room. I said loudly “Ms. Bourbon Street will make that call” and much to our delight she said “Yes!” I turned to a drunk twenty-something guy who was ogling both of us and told him, “We’re going to go back to my room now and I’m going to fuck her while our husbands watch.” The guy almost dropped his drink and asked if he could come too. Sorry, Charlie.

Our hotel room had a window that stretched floor to ceiling with a great view of the city. We began our night at the window. I don’t know how it started but quite quickly Ms. B and I were pressed up against the window kissing and grinding. Clothes came off, nipples were sucked. The guys were quite pleased with their show. Photos were taken since the backdrop of the city was fantastic. Ms. Bourbon Street was fit and flexible and very skilled on the dance floor and here at the window and getting very low and winding her way back up my body with her lips and tongue. I did the same for her.

Eventually we couldn’t take it anymore and made our way to the bed. I must admit I take pride in the fact that over the past 5 years I have developed quite a history of getting my gal playmates to come when I go down on them. And most delightful are the times that I can pop the lesbian cherry of a girl who never or very rarely is able to O by being sucked and licked into a frenzy. My secret? Patience. I enjoy my work! Plus a hard tongue, and experimenting with whether the gal likes me to tongue her clit while I’m sucking it into my mouth, or if she prefers, the tongue pressing very hard and stroking the clit. Sometimes I even use my chin. And of course, for almost every women, fingers need to be inside stroking the G-spot—fast enough to create some friction, but not so hard that it becomes rough rather than sensual. I got my desired reaction from “Ms. B” including some “Oh my God! She’s driving me wild” and “That was amazing!” after.

I admit I enjoy this type of action more than a blow job—although I am getting better at oral sex with men. For me, I think I got off to a rough start with it in my life for two reasons. First is that Mr. DoublePlay, whom I have been with for a LONG, LONG time. Since we were in school. He has an enormous cock. So big that getting it fully in my mouth is not a feat that I can do very well. It’s too big, too long. And not being exposed to many other cocks prior to the lifestyle I didn’t realize how unusual his member was. And I am so grateful for it when we are fucking! But blow jobs—it’s an extra challenge. And big enough that my jaw often locks. So I love when a gal can come along and really give him a ride. But I digress as that was NOT on the menu that night!

After the amazing O of Ms. Bourbon Street, we did a lot of side by side fucking. She with her guy, I with mine. We twisted ourselves around so that we could watch each other, stroke each other. And in the midst of it all, Ms. B grabbed our camera and took some pictures of us fucking, which was HOT. We never have pictures of us and us alone. She got some great shots of me on top, holding on to the headboard and grinding down. And then a few where I arched my back in the same position. Thank you Ms. B!

After the guys finished, it was time to call it a night. Very late. Of course. That seems to be a requirement in the Lifestyle—a post I’ll save for another day. We had a blast playing together. But a confession, I didn’t have an orgasm that night. I was highly aroused for sure. On a usual play night with Mr. DoublePlay I need a lot of clitoral stimulation and often a vibrator. In a lifestyle situation I always come if I am visually aroused by the scene. These days, a cock in my mouth with someone stimulating me below can send me over the edge very quickly. Or a woman sucking on me while she is getting fucked from behind. I get wet just writing about it. But side by side play with a couple or just a little sucking but not enough form the gal. Fun, but not enough for me.

Am I jaded? How in the heck could so much craziness and fun not be “enough” anymore? It was a fun night, but not unlike many we had had before. Not different or crazy enough that it flipped me over the moon. And I guess that’s why we raise the bar, cross the line, get a bit crazier in our play. But it comes with some sadness that hot play with a gal isn’t so crazy anymore.

Fun. Very fun. Not an ‘Oh My God!’ moment. More of a low key swinger evening.


Mrs. Doubleplay is 40-something mom living in the middle of America with kids, a career, and pretty house in the suburbs. She’s active in her local church, coaches the kids’ soccer games, and happens to have a secret life as a swinger. Married to her high school sweetheart, Mr. Doubleplay, the couple dipped their toes in the lifestyle for a couple of years but then dropped off the radar to have kids. They rejoined the lifestyle in 2005 and haven’t looked back. They have been soft swap from the start but are working their way toward greater forms of adventure as we meet hot couples on lifestyle vacations, swinger clubs, and online websites.

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