The Pageist 070: Red Light Library


Episode the seventieth; wherein the Pageist tests new recording software for a bit, has a fun announcement and talks reviewing smut. The interview is with Gavin and Jackie from Red Light Library.

.44 Intro and Announcements:

  • The show is in Afghanistan, Fiji and Guatemala
  • One new Facebook like: Hello to Drew!
  • Thank you to Just Erik for the audio normaliser recommendation! If we all work together we’ll eventually get the interviews to a professional quality.
  • A post about the grand opening of the Pageist shop. And a link to said shop. If you’re not logged into Zazzle you won’t be able to see some of the designs, as they’re ‘adult’ since they’re tagged ‘bdsm’. Insert eyeroll here.
  • A few survey responses, which are valuable and sometimes confusing. If you’d like to be one of those things, you can take the survey here (it is anonymous).

4.37 Interview:

(swiped from their Twitter)

  • This week I interviewed the hosts of Red Light Library, Gavin and Jackie, about reviewing the weirdest, wackiest erotica out there. They are heroes, subjecting themselves to some seriously questionable writing and unconventional fetishes to find work worth discussing on their show. It was hilarious and filthy and I learned about a fetish I hadn’t heard of before.
  • Books and authors they recommend:
  • Captain Future and the Corn Dildo from Outer Space by Tabatha Houston
  • Daddy Longlegs by Brixton Atwood
  • Approaching the Swingularity by Cooper S. Beckett,
  • Bound to the Mast by Miranda Burns
  • Their most popular episode: Bloated Beach Bunny Butts – Molly Coddles available here.
  • Their twitter is @RedLightLibrary and their podcast is
  • Support them on Patreon:

1.07.39 Closing Remarks:

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll be reviewing… We’ll all be surprised!
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