SEAGG 024: The Hot Tub in the Woods Show – Sex Ed A. Go-Go


On this episode of Sex Ed A Go-Go, Lola and the crew chat about the art of the Pussy Tickle, never being tired of talking about sex, getting your mojo back, Star Trek kinkery, and why hot tubs in the woods can be dangerous things. Seriously.

NY poet, author, and educator, Mo Beasley, and the fantastic Foxy Squire joined Lola on stage at Otto’s Shrunken Head in New York City on July 7th for another installment of Sex Ed A Go-Go.

You can find Mo Beasley on Twitter, @MoBeasleySpeaks, and @UrbanErotika

You can find Foxy Squire on Twitter as @FoxySquire


Sex Ed A Go-Go is one part sex Q&A, one part comedy show and a whole lot of fun. Get the ins and outs of in between the sheets naughtiness from Lola and the Pussy Posse!

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