OBH 001: Laura’s tiptoes into podcasting – Our Better Half


Episode 1: OUR BETTER HALF, with host Laura Lyster-Mensh

Laura’s first podcast ever… she tiptoes in.

  • Stephen and Beth Fromm

The author known as J.F. Silver writes a contemporary erotica series featuring characters over 50. Steve and his wife, Beth, join Our Better Half to tell the story of writing the series. The Fromms share in what ways their lives are the same and what distinguishes them from the characters in the books. Dealing with adult children and neighbors’ reactions to being public about the series is also addressed. The Fromms have advice for older lovers on keeping things fresh and fun.



JF Silver books on Amazon
Facebook for JF Silver & Mr and Mrs. Average series
Resplendence Publishing

  • Alberta Knish: Girls will be Girls on Boats

Our Senior Correspondent of Ancient Erotica, Alberta Knish, describes the Greek poet whose name and island came to stand for lesbian love. Alberta reads a Sappho poem and Laura swoons over “violet tiaras.”

  • Donnalou Stevens

Donnalou Stevens is an actress and singer- songwriter whose YouTube music video “Older Ladies” went viral with its exuberant and unapologetic celebration of aging bodies. This funny and wickedly catchy song has received 11 million views. Donnalou shares the inspiration for the song as well as the response. She offers observations on sexuality as we get older and role of intimacy.

  • Explain THAT to a Grandma

Young Kadi explains Vajacials, Vatooing and Vajazzling to Grandma Debbi.
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  • Commentary on Deen/Cosby

Laura contrasts the sex film industry’s response to accusations of sexual assault and rape to how society has failed to believe women about William Cosby.

Who’s having sex over 50 now?

An annotated list of notables who will this week newly be having sex over 50, 60, 70, 80, 90…

Intro music: GarageBand “Collins Avenue”, Estelle Reiner quote from “When Harry Met Sally” (1989)
Birthday music: Gerbil Bliss – Jake’s Kept a Rollin 

Exit tap dance music: Pond5


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A 50-something married mom starts asking questions about sex after 50 and laughs along with the answers. Modern love for classic bodies! Visit the podcast website for details and show notes: www.ourbetterhalf.net

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