Is This What Poly Feels Like?


Yesterday I spent the whole day connecting nearly every hour of the day with a sexy friend via text and I still feel him in my cells. I feel the delicious tether of a juicy emotional connection.  

Today I’ve connected with sexy friend #1 a bit but not nearly as much. I can feel the vacancy. However, I have a phone date with another sexy friend tonight. In this moment they are occupying the same heart space. Which by the way, my husband has already occupied for 20 years.   

Tomorrow a former lover comes to visit. He occupied my heart space for 2 years.

As I write this I believe I’m feeling poly. I thought I felt poly when I added one love to my life 2 years ago. But today I’m feeling 4 men in my heart. It is quite an interesting feeling.  

I watch my thoughts move from one to the other, back to the first and then to the third, all the while my husband is a consistent abiding hum filling in any open spaces.  

Is this what poly feels like?  

I get to reflect on the intense connection from yesterday, look forward to the deep sexy conversation tonight and foresee the long lost love filled moments of tomorrow.  

And of course, to add to the poly soup, my hubby’s sweetie is orbiting along with my sexy friend’s other lovers. Those in my heart space have me in theirs, and others as well.  

Is this what poly feels like?

At times it feels all at once an abundance of love, connection and shared lives. At other times I feel like there is a switch that moves between the people in my heart. Like a train switching tracks. Like electricity being abruptly turned on and off. Like a radio switching stations; only one tune heard at a time but all of them playing.  

Is this what poly feels like?

I like feeling these beings in my heart. I like having each one enter my space, play a beautiful tune, light me up and then temporarily fade to the background. And I think it’s going to take me some time to get use to this feeling  It’s a new feeling  But if this is what poly feels like, I think I like it.  


Daisy Wild is a CEO by day and a slut by night. Her hubby of 20+ years says she is the world’s greatest wing-man. Only two years in, they feel like they were born to be open. They enjoy the full spectrum from swapping to separate relationships and train all year long for the Olympic event of The Swingset Takesover Desire in November.

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