TMSG 017: Dylan Thomas, at CatalystCon – Tell Me Something Good


Hey gang! It looks like we’re getting back to a regular schedule maybe? We’re aiming for every two weeks on Fridays and are starting our return with an interview we recorded many months ago at CatalystCon in Virginia in March of 2015.

This episode features an interview and story with Dylan Thomas, who just so happens to be our Swingset.FM buddy / pal / tech guy / helper dude, and we apologize to him for holding onto it for so long! We also blah blah blah for a long while about our latest projects, health stuff, and maybe not so good life things, because we like to mix in the good with the … well, realistic? Anyway, back to our guest!

Dylan Thomas is a sex-positive non-monogamous proselytizer from the suburban wastelands of Chicago. Dylan believes that there’s a larger non-normative sexuality community that all wants the same things; the freedom to be who they are, love who they want, and the choice to keep their sexual preferences as private or as public as they choose. Dylan sees the need for a more open discussion about why we, no matter where we exist on the identity, sexuality, or lifestyle spectrum, all have much more in common than we realize and that we’re all natural allies of each other.

Find Dylan on Twitter @DylanTheThomas or all over the Swingset network.

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