TMSG 012: Miko Technogeisha – Tell Me Something Good


This week we first chat for a while about how it seems to be the season of exes right now and share a few embarrassing and emotional tales from our past. Because what’s a little podcasting conversation without some trips down memory lane?

Then it’s time to sit down with our Swingset.FM sister, Miko Technogeisha who, while we were in Virginia at CatalystCon, told us a beautiful story of first times, kink, and body acceptance.

Miko is a Chicago based writer, researcher, educator and podcaster with an insatiable curiosity. She is managing editor for the website Life on the Swingset, as well as a co-host on Life on the Swingset the podcast and The Kinky Geeks podcast. Miko also writes for several online publications about all aspects of non-monogamy, sexuality, and kink. She also enjoys approaching sexuality from psychological, neurological, sociological and historical angles.

Find Miko on Twitter @technogeisha.

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Thanks for listening. We’ll see you on Tuesday, May 19th for our next episode featuring Twisted Monk and the Lorax of Sex!


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