TMSG 010: Kitty Stryker – Tell Me Something Good


This episode features the fantastic Kitty Stryker, who we sat down with recently when she was in town during the week of the Feminist Porn Awards. You’ve probably heard about Kitty’s recent boycott of the awards, but if you haven’t, her article on Eros: Earnest Feminism Is All We Have: What I Learned From Boycotting the Feminist Porn Awards is a great primer on the issues.

Kitty told us the story of how TroubleFilms’ creation “Ban This Sick Filth” came to be, in response to the UK’s over the top porn ban. So much depravity, one little film!

Kitty Stryker is a freelance writer, queer activist, sex-negative pornographer and feminist killjoy. As the founder and co-editor for Consent Culture, she seeks to create dialogue about what consent means, and what boundaries it has under capitalistic patriarchy. Follow her on Twitter @KittyStryker, support her Patreon, and visit her website,



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Thanks for listening. We’ll see you on Tuesday, May 5th for our next episode with Tobi Hill-Meyer.


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