GPSC 001: Gender Politics and Kink, The Man of Inaction, Death and Coming Out – The Gentleperverts’ Social Club


We talk with the Frisky Fairy ( and Katie Mack ( about gaming naked, OKCupid, queer ninjas, confessions, fetlife connections and near misses,  bottoms and misnomers, rectifying your kinks with your activism (frothing, rabid feminist v. being into daddy/little girl, age play, submissive / not being equal) and about gender politics getting in the way of our enjoyment of kink.


We then hear a story from Ophilia Tesla ( about The Man of Inaction.

I talk with Mr. Pent ( about losing my father and during the process, coming out to my mother while avoiding getting cornered by family expectations.

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    Dominus Drackonus on

    This was a really telling episode. Thank you for sharing yourself here. I look forward to more episodes.

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