TMSG 005: Miss Quin – Tell Me Something Good


This episode is filled with a lot more Samantha and Sophie banter than usual. Before we even get to our guest, we talk about a whole heap of sex related topics like Tinder’s new features, cohabitation, reading the comments, sleeping your way to fame, polyamory hiatuses, and anal sex. Just when you think that’s enough, we also have a great guest on to share some stories.

Miss Quin is a kinky, polyamorous clown fetishist and porn performer, based out of Florida. She’s cute as a button and treated us to a very steamy and touching tale plus a couple of bonus tales that left us a little breathless. While we’re a sexy storytelling podcast, Quin is the first guest to have actually told such an erotic tale!

Follow Quin on Twitter, search MissQuinCam on STREAMATE, and check out her porn work at

Also, check out the fundraiser for Quin’s husband who needs money to help with life-saving surgery, related to his Crohn’s disease. They really could use your help so please share this link with anyone you know that can donate:


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